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If Academy Award-winning filmmaker and Pixar-mastermind John Lasseter's promotion to Chief Creative Officer of both Pixar and Disney animation studios proved anything, it's that the universe really does have a sense of justice. Even though Pixar was nearly divorced from Disney and primed to become its own entity, Lasseter somehow nabbed everything he wanted for his brainchild, solidified his company's standings within the studio, and inherited the difficult task of righting Walt's once-proud ship and repairing Disney animation's lagging reputation.

After sinking his teeth into Meet the Robinsons late in the game in 2006, convincing its director to scrap almost 60% of its scenes and reworking many key plot-points and characters to produce a surprisingly strong film, Lasseter turned his focus to Bolt, Walt Disney Animation Studio's 48th animated feature. The question, though, was could he possibly transplant that patented Pixar magic to a film helmed by two first-time directors in a struggling Disney division?

Super-powered, crime-fighting wonderdog, Bolt (voiced by John Travolta), regularly risks life and limb to protect his owner, Penny (a miscast Miley Cyrus actor in serial Hannah Montana), from a nefarious mad scientist named Dr. Calico (Malcolm McDowell). Or at least that's what an eccentric television director (James Lipton) wants the canine to believe. In reality, Bolt is little more than an entrenched method actor; a naive celebrity manipulated into believing he can leap endless chasms, fire laser beams from his eyes and route entire armies with a single bark.

Sworn to secrecy, the cast and crew of this elaborate Truman Show production does everything in their power to ensure Bolt believes everything he sees. But when an episode cliffhanger leaves the loyal pup convinced that Penny has been kidnapped, he escapes his trailer and sets off to rescue her. Armed with the mistaken assumption that styrofoam has robbed him of his superpowers, he captures a cat (Susie Essman) he believes to be an agent of Dr. Calico, acquires the assistance of his biggest fan, a bubble-bound hamster named Rhino (Mark Walton), and sets out to save Penny at all costs.

Unfortunately, the film's sharp premise is undermined by a mesmerizing opening sequence that leaves one wondering why Bolt wasn't simply the story of a super-powered dog. The early action is so thrilling and cleverly choreographed that the rest of the flick feels a bit empty and lifeless in its wake. Aside from the introduction of Rhino, a terribly amusing addition to an otherwise uneven lineup of supporting characters, the tale only perks back up when the opportunity for further superheroics presents itself. That's not to say Bolt is a failure; far from it. At its core is lovable pup who discovers his true qualities lie within; not in sonic barks or gravity-defying acrobatics.

The value of the message is undeniable and children will certainly take something away from the film's humble collection of life lessons. It only helps that the relationships that evolve between Penny, Bolt, Mittens and Rhino are well-written, and wonderfully developed. Bolt proves himself to be as worthy of love as he is willing to give it, and Travolta, Essman, Walton and others make the most of their performances.

And Bolt's target audience, the wide-eyed tots and bouncing grade-schoolers Disney has tucked beneath its wings, will shrug off its disjointedness and hone in on the adventure, no matter how high it flies or slow it crawls. While certain themes will sail over young children's heads, Bolt's common heroics will be just as meaningful to kids as his more action-oriented antics.

My son took the story at face value, never once complaining about the issues his aging old-man couldn't seem to work past. He did bury his head into my side on more than one occasion, and parents should be aware that the third act is fairly intense and potentially frightening. Ultimately, Bolt lacks that patented Pixar magic we've all grown to adore and feels much more like the standard Disney fare fans have grown accustomed to over the years. That said, it still manages to rise above the fray with genuine heart and soul.

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